Dave Vest

dave vest photo

Dave Vest is considered to be a pioneer and thought leader in the area of enterprise professional services and IT consulting. With over 30 years experience, Dave is a recognized and respected leader in the industry, having managed multi-million dollar global and national enterprise professional service organizations for CISCO, Digital Equipment, and Aspect Communications. Under his leadership, innovative strategies and business processes were created to support the variable requirements of a rapidly changing industry. The business systems shaped under his guidance produced consummate professional service teams that were extraordinarily responsive to customer needs. This resulted in remarkable business unit performance, and a loyal customer base.

In 2008, seizing an opportunity to help companies maximize productivity and profit margin in a more challenging and competitive environment, he and his partners created a structured low cost business model to satisfy the demand for more affordable IT solutions. This business model enables the seasoned professionals of EC Sourcing LLC. (ECS) to provide the most proven and cost effective IT solutions at the most affordable rates found in the industry. Since its inception, ECS was an immediate success, proving they hit the mark in identifying what the industry was seeking.

Dave received his undergraduate training in math and computer science in 1977 from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN. Dave also received Executive Leadership training at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA.